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The Broken Isles

The Broken Isles

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The Broken Isles is a 2-4 person strategy game with a pirate theme, set in uncharted seas where the islands are alive, treacherous storms can throw you off course, and a sea monster might swallow your fleet whole. 
As a fearless band of pirates, your goal is to gather one of each of the lost gemstones: a ruby, a sapphire, and an emerald. The gemstones are scattered by fabled shipwrecks across the islands, where you will lead your crew in search of the lost treasure. It’s up to you to decide: will you charge head-on into combat to unearth the gems, or will you use cunning and surprise to bamboozle your opponents on your path to victory?


400+ Components in the Box

Qty. Component
61 Land/Water Territories
24 Action Tokens
4 Reference Cards
32 Compass Deck
40 Gold
36 Dirt
8 Ruby Gemstones
8 Sapphire Gemstones
8 Emerald Gemstones
3 Dig Bags
1 Sea Monster
1 Sea Monster Die
6 Neutral Walls
24 Forts
128 Pirates
24 Captains
24 Walls
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