Grab your sword and set sail to find the lost gemstones in this game of strategy and surprise!

Short Tutorial

Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds!

Find the lost gemstones and sail to victory.

Navigate to treasure sites and dig to unearth rare gems. Find each gem to win the game – however, more digging means easier gems for the next band of plundering pirates.

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The islands are alive!

Tales say the Isles' tumultuous seas and shifting sands can aid voyage— or maroon fleets.

The dynamic nature of the islands offers a game board that changes throughout play, on top of over 10 billion starting layouts – no two adventures are the same.

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Navigate land and sea!

Engage in swift combat to vanquish your foes, or slip gems from under their toes.

Promote pirates to captains to handle the high seas. Use strategy and cunning to navigate the game as you conquer opponents and find your treasure.

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Watch out!

A storm is brewing and a monster lurks in the depths.

A tempest throws even the bravest buccaneer off course where the sea monster may gobble them whole. Navigate carefully or you might be lunch!

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The Broken Isles comes with over 100 custom components in a box with beautiful cover art by James Churchill. The Broken Isles is a fantastic game to add to your collection.

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